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12 October 2021

Cognitir Professional Virtual Bootcamps

Cognitir is a global training company that partners with many of the largest CFA societies globally, and has brought hands-on technical skills to thousands of finance professionals. Discounted price on courses for CFA Society Italy Members.

12 October 2021

25th Annual GIPS® Standards Virtual Conference - 26-27 October 2021

Join us to hear from industry experts and network with industry colleagues. The leading industry event for investment performance and compliance professionals, from both investment management firms and asset owners.

07 October 2021

Try getAbstract today!

getAbstract finds and summarizes the best business books, articles, podcasts, and video talks from the world’s leading authors and most innovative thinkers.

07 October 2021

Morningstar Investment Conference - 9 November 2021

Registrations for the Morningstar Investment Conference are now open! The conference will take place digitally on Tuesday, 9 November 2021.

04 October 2021

CFA Society Italy Sentiment Index - Historical Series - October 2021

The monthly “CFA Society Italy Financial Business Survey & Sentiment Index” is the result of interviews to Italian financial professionals who are members of CFA Society Italy.

04 October 2021

CFA Society Italy - Radiocor Financial Business Survey - October 2021

The CFA Society Italy - Radiocor Sentiment Index for the month of October 2021 reveals a value of +40.5, a further increase of about 9 points since the beginning of September, at the highest values ​​since the end of 2020.