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Buffet's Alpha Research

AQR Principal and Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Lasse Heje Pedersen, will present the findings of the paper Buffett’s Alpha – the winner of the CFA’s 2018 Graham and Dodd Awards of Excellence – showing that Buffett’s returns appear to be neither luck nor magic but, rather, a reward for leveraging cheap, safe, high-quality stocks.

28 October 2019, Monday
Milan, Sina De La Ville - Sala Duomo

FeeOnly Summit 2019

29 October 2019, Tuesday
Verona, Palazzo della Gran Guardia

CFASI Alternative Forum II - 2019 edition

05 November 2019, Tuesday
Rome, Palazzo Montemartini

CFA Candidate Information Briefing

07 November 2019, Thursday
Milan, Eurizon

Structured Credit: A Good Diversifier and Late Cycle Solution

13 November 2019, Wednesday
Milan, The Square Hotel

2019B Mock Exam Live Experience

16 November 2019, Saturday
Milan, Location to be confirmed

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