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ESG Investments Guide

CFA Society Italy, in collaboration with AdvisorPrivate and Amundi, is pleased to present the ESG Investments Guide.


Unconstrained Fixed Income

This guide on “Unconstrained Fixed Income” aims to clarify the main characteristics of those securities that have a lower rating than Investment Grade (the so-called “junk” securities of the High Yield market), of bank subordinates, hybrid capital instruments issued by corporates, loans, private debt issues and securitisations with the most varied underlying assets.


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2020 CFA Italian Research Challenge

The finals of 2020 edition of the CFA Italian Research Challenge will see nine university teams from the best Italian business schools competing for the first prize.

03 March 2020, Tuesday
Milan, PwC

Empower your Career with CFA Society Italy

CFA Society Italy kindly invites its Members to join our exclusive meeting with one of the Italian top head hunters

To adjust to an ever changing financial industry, Members will learn about new trends and receive helpful advices for enhancing their individual careers.

11 March 2020, Wednesday
Milan, Sina de la Ville

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Historical Series - February 2020

The monthly “CFA Society Italy Financial Business Survey & Sentiment Index” is the result of interviews to Italian financial professionals who are members of CFA Society Italy.

CFA Italy Radiocor Sentiment Index Survey - February 2020

Italian CFA® professional investors remain overall negative on the prospects of the domestic economy: the "Sentiment Index" registered a value of -2.4.

2020 CFA Italian Research Challenge

The 2020 CFA Research Challenge has officially started! This edition will see the students from nine teams engaged in the financial analysis of Ferrari, the luxury sports car manufacturer and symbol of the Italian excellence in the world.


MiFID II Survey Results

While MiFID II has brought transparency and competition to the investment research business, CFA Institute research shows it has led to reduced research budgets, cuts to analyst jobs, and rising concerns over research quality and coverage.


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