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19 June 2024

Transforming Industry Thinking for Net Zero

A new, strategic guide to achieving sustainable investment goals by the CFA Institute

03 June 2024

CFA Society Italy - Radiocor Financial Business Survey - June 2024

Expectations of CFA®-certified Italian professional investors regarding the domestic economy have stabilized, and are only slightly negative, with the "Sentiment Index" at -13.3 points.

03 June 2024

CFA Society Italy Sentiment Index - Historical Series - June 2024

The monthly “CFA Society Italy Financial Business Survey & Sentiment Index” is the result of interviews to Italian financial professionals who are members of CFA Society Italy.

03 June 2024

CFA Institute launches new Private Equity Certificate

CFA Institute launched a new Private Equity Certificate, underpinned by globally recognized CFA Program content, whichiis tailored to private equity professionals with one to three years of experience.

03 June 2024

How TikTok is Transforming Financial Advice

Social media influencers are playing a vital role in promoting financial literacy and encouraging younger generations to start investing. Is the investment industry under threat?

03 June 2024

The "Graduate Outlook Survey 2024" by CFA Institute

A comprehensive global study conducted by CFA Institute, involving nearly 10,000 university graduates across 14 significant global markets, to gain insights into the evolving trends in finance and related fields as career choices.