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Women in Investment Management: Access to Success in a Changing Industry #CFAWomen

05 October 2020

Women in Investment Management: Access to Success in a Changing Industry

14-15 October 2020

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The investment industry is in a state of upheaval driven by the rise of machine learning and AI, the need for greater personalization in investing, and increased demand for stewardship and a broader appreciation of the social factors in ESG — these trends have all been accelerated by COVID-19. Addressing these challenges demands a diverse talent pool, an inclusive work culture, and a collaborative leadership mindset.

The 2020 Women in Investment Management virtual conference will identify the opportunities brought by change, discuss evolving investment strategies, share methods to overcome unconscious bias to enhance and maintain diversity of thought and inclusive cultures, and provide insight from industry leaders on adapting and thriving. The virtual conference will also offer perspectives from career development experts and unique opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas.

Conference speakers will:

  • Explore methods for rising to the challenge of offering greater access and inclusion in the investment industry.
  • Deliver practical tips and strategies for career development
  • Share research on methods to improve decision making.
  • Deliver insight from inspirational women who have overcome challenges to rise to high levels in their careers.
  • Present strategies for investing with impact.
  • Share practical information on leadership, highlighting leadership principles, challenges faced by women leaders, and strategies for leading during a crisis
  • Outline strategies for “non-consensus investing.”
  • Provide information about innovative ways to use AI to eliminate bias in recruiting.

This virtual conference will provide practical information for accessing success in a changing industry, relevant for individuals, investment teams, and those in leadership positions.