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Evolution of the CFA Program

02 May 2023


Upcoming enhancements to the CFA Program aim to further solidify its position as the premier credential across the investment industry.

Explore each of the six updates to learn what the changes will mean for candidates, employers, and the future of the CFA Program.


1) Expanded Eligibility

Expanded program eligibility rules for those in university means that you can kickstart your career while you are still in study mode—and stand out from the crowd for internships and early career roles.

2) Hands-On Learning

Self-contained, Practical Skills Modules at each level teach on-the-job, practical application of what you are learning in the Program. 

== > Beginning with February 2024 exam

3) Focused Curriculum

A sharpened focus on what is practically relevant, while providing optional reference readings for candidates who wish to review or reference the basics, overall study time is more aligned to the brand promise of 300 hours.

 == > Beginning with February 2024 exam

4) Practice Pack

A suite of additional prep materials for Level I, including extra practice questions and mock exams from the authors of the CFA Program.

Available for purchase in May 2023 with February 2024 Program enrollment and exam registration

5) Level III Specialized Pathways

You will soon be able to focus on the traditional Portfolio Management track, or to pursue one of two new pathways in Private Wealth or Private Markets. The three versions will have a 'common core' of curriculum at Level III, supplemented by specialized content for each pathway. All three will be in pursuit of one credential: the CFA Charter. 

== > Beginning with February 2025 exam

6) Digital Badges for Level I and Level II

Recognizing the achievements of candidates with digital badges along the way will assist our candidates in their career paths and be a proof-point to employers of a candidate's commitment. 

== > Beginning in 2023


Learn more: https://cfainst.is/WebUpdates