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Webinar - ESG Series with SPOTT – ESG Performance and Impact in the Tropical Forestry Sector - February 26

19 February 2021

Sustainable finance is needed more than ever to help address issues such as climate change, deforestation or human rights violations and rise to the challenge of the Sustainable Development Goals. As financial institutions broaden the set of sectors that are considered through an ESG lens and seek to ensure that sectoral contributions to sustainability goals are realised, the case for timber and pulp sector engagement grows stronger. This webinar will consider case studies from Asset Managers to support informed analysis and meaningful dialogue between financial institutions and tropical forestry sector companies.

CFA Institute, several CFA Societies in APAC and ZSL (Zoological Society of London) are holding a series of webinars to discuss how financial sector practitioners are integrating ESG information. This webinar will promote a better understanding of the forestry sector’s ESG risk profile and to foster improved disclosures and quality interactions between practitioners and forestry companies on ESG issues.

During the session, speaker will illustrate different financial institutions’ approaches to non-financial information and ESG issues when considering the (tropical) forestry sector and its supply chains.


Speakers: Clara Melot; Adam Ng, PhD; Justin Mercer; Laura Bosch
Time: 09:00am–10:00am (GMT)
PL Credit: 1 PL


Please register at: https://bit.ly/37r4Wrc