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CFASI Career Mentoring Program

07 November 2023

The CFASI Career Mentoring Program is an initiative dedicated to new charterholders and supported by the CFA Society Italy network: it is a mentoring programme in which a novice professional (“mentee”) works on his/her professional and/or development goals through the support of a more experienced professional (“mentor”) outside his/her company. 
This includes the opportunity to connect with a mentor with whom the mentees can share their professional experiences and ambitions and who can guide and inspire them in their career development. The Career Mentoring Programme also offers a unique opportunity to develop one’s network within CFA Society Italy. 
For 2023, the initiative will be offered in the three months between November and January 2024.

What a mentee is expected to do:

  • Give impetus to the relationship (be proactive in setting the pace and direction to achieve expected results);
  • Identify realistic goals and timelines and share them with the mentor;
  • Be prepared for each meeting;
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with regular updates;
  • Accept feedback and constructive criticism;
  • Be open to new ideas and step out of your comfort zone;
  • Know when to ask for help.

What a mentor is expected to do

  • Guide the mentee in identifying realistic and achievable goals;
  • Be willing to share work and personal experiences;
  • Have effective skills in human capital development;
  • Enhance the mentee's strengths;
  • Give constructive feedback and advice.

What a mentor and a mentee are expected to do

  • Respect the confidentiality agreement with their mentor/mentee. Be aware of possible cultural differences in understanding what is confidential;
  • Ensure that expectations for the mentoring relationship are discussed from the beginning and managed appropriately throughout the relationship.


If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please write an email to mentoring@cfasi.it by 10 November 2023 stating: 

  1. Your contact details;
  2. Your CV;
  3. A brief motivation for your interest in participating in the programme, e.g. indicating what goals, doubts and curiosities you would like to share with your mentor;
  4. Your areas of interest (indicate one or more areas): 
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Private Banking/Family Office; 
  • Investment Banking; 
  • Sales; 
  • Capital Markets; 
  • Quantitave Methods/Big Data; 
  • Women in Finance/Diversity.