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Investment Firm of the Future

02 June 2018

Alternative Business Models and Strategies for a More Forward-Thinking Industry

In this follow-on report, Investment Firm of the Future, we develop the context for the organizations in our industry, by again looking out over the next 5-10 years with the aim of helping firms better face realities, manage risks, and craft alternative pathways. From the scenarios developed in Future State, we construct various Narratives unpacked into five Models organized by their functional parts: 

  • Business Model: Core attributes on value and competitive differentiation
  • Operating Model: How the organization manages its products and services
  • People Model: The staffing model and the attract-and-retain methods used
  • Investment Model: The component parts of the organization’s investment philosophy, beliefs, and capabilities
  • Distribution Model: The client relationship model

In summary, we suggest shifts, based upon the scenarios and narratives, that individual investment firms and the industry as a whole can take to adapt and prepare themselves to address challenges for the future.