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Finanza Sostenibile in Italia: Obbligazioni e Finanziamenti - A Guidebook by CFA Society Italy

09 March 2023

Finanza Sostenibile in Italia: Obbligazioni e Finanziamenti 


The growing tendency of companies to integrate sustainability into their business models and to identify sustainable development projects has led to an increasing inclusion of sustainable financing in long-term strategic and funding plans.

With the aim of promoting transparency and the development of sustainable finance, #CFASocietyItaly has produced a document titled "Sustainable Finance in Italy: Bonds and Financing. Guidelines for Issuers", which outlines the most important aspects of sustainable financing.

Authors of this document are: Michela Aimar, CFAMichelangelo Bruno, CFAOriana Cardani, CFAAndrea Cremonino, PhD, Fabio Cristanziani, CFAMarin Gueorguiev, CFALaura Oliva and Alessandro Federico Parassina, CFA.

 👉 Download the guidebook here: https://bit.ly/3ylYPBG