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22 March 2023


Members of CFA Society Italy already know how important it is to stay current in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Since the introduction of the CFA® Program back in 1963, it has continually evolved to keep pace with the industry and the needs of employers and candidates. CFA Institute has recently undertaken extensive research with candidates, prospective candidates, and the industry at large to inform six new and significant changes to the CFA Program. These changes are in alignment with the needs of the financial market today, designed to give candidates real-world experience to enhance their financial and business acumen. 


Program changes for 2024 CFA Program exams include:

  • CFA Program Eligibility Expansion
  • Focused Curriculum Based on Research with Employers and Candidates  
  • Introduction to Practical Skills Module   
  • Introduction of Specialized Pathways(beginning in February 2025) 
  • Recognition of Success   
  • CFA Program Practice Pack  


Get all the details at https://evolve.cfainstitute.org/