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CFA Society Italy - Radiocor Financial Business Survey - February 2024

07 February 2024

The survey was carried out by CFA Society Italy, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor, among its members in the period 19 - 29 January 2024. 

57% of the respondents consider the current situation of the Italian economy to be stable, about 14% see the Italian economy in a positive condition, while 28% believe there is still a negative dynamic.

In terms of expectations for the next six months, 18.5% of respondents expect an improvement in macroeconomic conditions (-1.5 points compared to last month), 44.4% estimate unchanged conditions (+16.4% compared to the last survey) and 37% expect a worsening (-15 points compared to last month). The difference between those who are optimistic about the outlook for the Italian economy and those who are pessimistic is -18.5, the value that represents the “CFA Society Italy - Radiocor Sentiment Index” for February 2024.
The figure remains in negative territory but continues its upward trend towards neutrality, increasing by another 13.5 points compared to last month and moving away from the negative values recorded last autumn.

Expectations for the next six months for the Eurozone and the US also remain negative, although for the US economy there is a recovery compared to last month. 


For further information, please read the press release and full report (Italian only).