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CFA Institute Celebrates 75 Years

14 June 2022


CFA Institute Celebrates 75 Years

New York City, United States - 06 Jun 2022

CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, marks its 75th anniversary, commemorating the day in 1947 when analyst societies of Boston, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia joined forces to realize their shared commitment to bringing higher standards to the investment profession.

On 11 June 1947, the National Federation of Financial Analysts Societies—the forerunner to CFA Institute—was formed, starting the development of an early investment profession that placed education, ethics, and professionalism at its core. In 1963, investment analysis became a credentialed profession, when 284 candidates sat for the inaugural CFA Program exam.

Margaret Franklin, CFA, President and CEO, CFA Institute comments:

“The founders of CFA Institute recognized and promoted the principle that the practice of investment management carries a responsibility that demands the highest standards of care among those privileged to make it their career. Investment analysis wasn’t a profession back in 1947, but our founding societies made it one. In 1963, we introduced the inaugural CFA exam, which has grown into the CFA Program so familiar to hundreds of thousands of aspiring and practicing investment professionals today. 

“Our mission to lead the investment profession hasn’t changed over these first 75 years, but our organization has never stood still. Our CFA Program and complementary curriculums adapt to ensure their continued place as the leading and most relevant credentials for investment professionals, no matter the era. Our Codes and Standards continue to bring leadership to often complex and urgent ethical challenges. Our original research enables us to contribute thoughtfully to issues of market integrity, advocating for policies that serve investor protection and expand the professionalism of the investment industry. I’m immensely honored to be at the helm of this organization as we mark our 75th anniversary.”

Mark Lazberger, CFA, Chair, Board of Governors, CFA Institute comments:

“The world needs communities of deep experts with the skills, confidence, and agility to grapple with the uncertainties that investors face. CFA Institute is rigorous in looking beyond what we do for our constituents today to anticipate what they will need tomorrow in their pursuit of knowledge for whatever role they hold or aspire to hold within the investment industry. Our ultimate purpose remains to promote the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.”

Brent Bell, CFA, FRM, Chair of CFA Society Boston comments:

“Originally founded as the Boston Security Analyst Society, our membership has transformed along with our industry. Through the professionalism of our members and staff, CFA Society Boston has been a proud partner of CFA Institute for 75 years. We embrace the mantle of leadership ascribed to a founding society, with our members exhibiting integrity and promoting the highest ethical standards to build and secure trust each day in our community.”

Christopher T. Vincent, CFA, President & Chief Executive Officer, CFA Society Chicago

“CFA Society Chicago salutes CFA Institute on its 75th anniversary. We are very proud of our heritage as a founding Society and greatly admire the foresight of our predecessors to collaborate and form a national organization. Our profession has evolved in ways few could have imagined, as innovations continually advance the possibilities for clients. We take great pride in our profession, in the CFA credential, and the codes and standards that CFA Institute has brought to the industry. We believe firmly that innovation will continue to advance investor outcomes. And we are inspired by the leadership and stewardship of CFA Institute and its global standards of professional excellence.”

Thomas Brigandi, CFA, Board Chair, CFA Society New York comments:

“As one of the founding CFA Institute Societies, it’s an honor to continue to play our part in the CFA Institute mission that remains so relevant. The CFA Charter means something today because our predecessors never lost sight of its purpose, and that purpose is just as important as we look towards tomorrow.”

Sean Heberling, CFA, President, CFA Society of Philadelphia comments:

“Founded four years prior to CFA Institute, the mission of the CFA Society of Philadelphia evolved from one of ‘just leading’ to one where ‘we aspire to be a diverse Society that advances the region’s investment community by serving our members and the broader community and by promoting professional excellence, ethics, and education’. I am proud to serve alongside a group of dedicated professionals who consistently prioritize our members, our members’ clients, and the resources necessary to advance the investing community as our profession continues to evolve.”

CFA Society Singapore became the first society outside of North America upon its founding in 1987. Simon Ng, CFA, President, CFA Society of Singapore comments:

“Congratulations to CFA Institute as it celebrates 75 years of bringing higher standards to the investment profession. This year also marks a significant milestone for CFA Society Singapore, as we celebrate our 35th anniversary and remember with gratitude the encouragement we received from GIC and Monetary Authority of Singapore in launching our Society—the first outside of North America. Today, we continue to strive to identify and meet the life-long career development needs of our more than 4,000 CFA Society Singapore members and are proud to celebrate these anniversary milestones together with CFA Institute.”


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