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Become a Volunteer Grader

17 May 2023

Become a Volunteer Grader

CFA Institute recruits CFA charterholders to assist with the virtual essay exam grading process on an ongoing basis. To be a part of the group that upholds the rigor of the CFA Program exams, we invite you to send an email at graders@cfainstitute.org to express your interest in serving as a volunteer grader.

Important Information about Grading

  • Grading is conducted virtually biannually. Graders can participate in one or both grading sessions.
  • Each grading session is seven days. Graders are required to participate each day for five hours after initial first day which is seven hours.
  • The first one-to-two days focus on training and calibration and are held synchronously. Graders are required to participate in this synchronous work which occurs during Eastern Time Zone-based day hours. After calibration is complete, grading is then open 24 hours and graders may work at times convenient to them to meet the required five hours daily.
  • Graders must be charterholders, free of pending professional conduct investigations, and members in good standing with CFA Institute. Grading participants cannot be involved with a CFA exam review or prep course.
  • Graders earn 10 PL per session for their participation in grading.