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ARPM Marathon Discount for CFASI Members

06 November 2018

The Marathon is an online, assisted, advanced master-level, multi-course quantitative program (150 hours) that covers extensively data science for finance and quantitative risk management.
The Marathon is packed with theory and practice sessions in the ARPM Lab online, and is designed to enable professionals with solid mathematical background how to operate across all functions in banking, insurance and asset management.
Upon enrollment, you will obtain
1) One year full access to the ARPM Lab (theory, case studies, code, recorded video lectures,…)
2) Live flipped classroom sessions
3) Homework assignments
4) Private Q&A Forum
5) Private schedule and personal trainer reminding you of all the upcoming to-do’s day after day

As an Affiliate of CFA I Italy, you can enroll for a discounted fee. To obtain the discount go here, select 'ARPM Marathon' or its individual courses, select 'Affiliate' under 'Type', select 'CFA I Italy' under 'Affiliation' or contact info@arpm.co for assistance.