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Direct entry agreement between CFAI and RICS

21 September 2018

Working with Real Estate?

CFAI and RICS have an agreement for Chartered members of CFA to become RICS members through a fast-track “direct entry” process. Interested in knowing more? 

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is a global standards-setting organisation with an education and qualification process. Founded nearly 150 years ago, worldwide there are 125,000 qualified members and in Italy there are over 500 working in many different areas of the Real Estate and construction sectors. In Italy, many of our members are involved in the property finance and investment sector. 
However, members are also drawn from family offices, global advisory firms, architects, lawyers, construction experts, valuers, property developers and many more. It is a diverse network with real estate, construction, infrastructure and the development and management of land as our key themes.  
Holders of the Chartered Financial Analyst credential with five years’ relevant experience post-CFA are eligible for direct entry to MRICS (member of RICS). Those letters mean a lot to market participants both from Italy and internationally. The RICS credential gives credibility to anyone working in the Real Estate sector. The RICS agreement with CFA means that you could fast-track through the usual assessment process and gain the RICS recognition.    
To find out more visit RICS website: www.rics.org and contact Paola Sanzeni, Country Manager for RICS Italy - psanzeni@rics.org or call 0272006090.