Learn how to make smart financial presentations through storytelling

  • Wednesday 23 January 2019
  • 17:30 - 19:30
  • Baglioni Hotel Regina
  • Via Veneto, 72
  • 00187 - Rome

Why financial presentations are so boring (and how you can make yours the exception through storytelling). 

This workshop looks at the challenges of delivering presentations which will engage your audience within the financial sector. Using real examples of financial presentations (through video) it will look at typical traps we fall into. 

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18:00 Learn how to make smart financial presentations through storytelling Martyn Barmby,

Martyn Barmby

Martyn Barmby is the Managing Director of communication specialists MSB Executive and leads its work in financial services. Martyn's approach to communications training is unique. He is a professional actor meaning he can help clients use advanced communication techniques to succeed when they are in the spotlight. He also has 18 years’ ex- perience working in senior client relations roles. This gives him a thorough understanding of what it takes to persuade and inspire business audiences. Martyn star ted his career in programme management specialising in change management programmes for blue-chip companies. In 2001 he pursued his ambition to act professionally. Mar tyn trained at the renowned East 15 acting school and followed a career on stage, film and television. Martyn continued to combine his acting work with directorships at consultancy firms in the UK, US and France. Using his acting training, he developed communication skills programmes for his consultants.These programmes made a dramatic improvement in the growth of the firms and client satisfaction.This convinced Martyn to found MSB Executive in 2008. He now leads a team of talented associates with specialisms in all areas of communications. Martyn focuses on financial services drawing on his extensive knowledge of the sector. He helps clients win more pitches, deliver compelling presentations and develop stronger long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. Martyn is a respected public speaker. He regularly leads events for CFA Societies and industry bodies such as Women in Banking and Finance.

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In the financial sector we are surrounded by data, metrics and analysis. Being able to gather this information into a coherent story has been identified as one of the most important skills to enable progression to the most senior positions.
This workshop will explain how to use storytelling techniques to make your presentation come to life. Whether you are trying to pitch to a client, persuade your board to back your project or make complex concepts such as ethics come to life, storytelling techniques will help you make your audience sit up and listen.

This workshop covers:

  • What makes a great story? 
  • Examples of great stories in presentations
  • Structuring your story to have maximum impact.


This event is an exclusive benefit of CFA Society Italy members (Regular, Affiliate, Junior). 

Places are limited and requests of registration will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please register only if you really intend to attend the event. Thank you. 

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